Our Testimonials

“When I look back at my life at the beginning of this year I am amazed at how much I have changed. I used to feel defeated, hopeless and scared of the future. At 28 years of age I was in constant pain and felt there was no solution.

“Since working with you these past few months, I hardly recognize the person I just described. With your help and encouragement I have found a new lease on life and finally have a positive outlook for my future.

“I have found the courage to achieve my goals, the strength to be active and healthy and the knowledge to listen to my body. I no longer think about what I can’t do; instead I focus on the endless possibilities of what I can do. I have found an inner strength that I never realized I had.

“I feel strong, healthy, happy, empowered and confident. I want to thank you for helping me find this in myself.”



“I must admit I am still amazed at how something so gentle can accomplish something so great.”

Maria T.


“I am now completely pain free and am able to once again lead an active life. After seeing and feeling the difference your treatments have made for me, we decided to make coming to your office a family affair.”

Elisabeth A.


“Overall I feel more in tune with my body and mind: I feel wholeness coming over me and I want to move towards it.”


Sue H.


“We praise God for using you in the healing process of my back and stomach. For about 20 years I had to use medication for my spastic colon and after my first visit to you and your treatment the pain in my stomach was better and I could stop the medication completely.”


Gerda M.